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the unmistakable fragrance of freshness

Following the original recipe

I would not want to seem presumptuous, but the true jewel in the Servadei crown is the organic pesto that emanates an unmistakable fragrance thanks to the ingredients typical of the original recipe. Does tradition call for pine nuts? So there will be pine nuts! Parmigiano and pecorino cheeses and Extra Virgin Olive Oil? All present. Not crazy about garlic? We could bash you, but instead we are determined to please you too.

extremely digestible

Unique flavour sensations

Servadei set out to test their own mettle with difficult challenges, bringing to your table the rare but exquisite rocket and almond pesto or organic ketchup, never overpowering and extremely digestible, and finally, in addition to the classic pizzaiola, a tasty vegan sauce made with soy, a complex preparation that recalls the flavour sensation of meat sauce. We are ready to take on the most refined and discriminating palates!

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